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  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/83 
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PhotoTom Mc Ewen's Coors Corvette (Burn Out).
PhotoCandies and Hughes blue Trans Am F/C (Burn Out).
PhotoC and H vs Mc Ewen (60' out from starting line).
PhotoKenny Bernstein's Bud King LN7 (Burn Out).
PhotoJim Wemmit's LN7 (Burn Out).
PhotoWemmit vs Bud King (60' out from starting line).
PhotoDon Prudhomme's Pepsi Challenger Trans Am vs Lil John Lombardo's Omni F/C (Burn Out) SBS.
PhotoHawaiian Punch Omni F/C (Burn Out).
PhotoJohn Force's Mountain Dew Camaro F/C (Burn Out).
PhotoDale Pulde's Miller High Life Warrior Trans Am F/C (Burn Out).
PhotoAl Segrini's Super Brut Trans Am F/C (Burn Out).
PhotoMiller Warrior backing.
PhotoBlue Max LN7 (Burn Out).
PhotoBlue Max LN7 backing
PhotoBlue Max vs Jerome Bradford's Trans Am F/C (60' out from starting line).
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