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  New York National Speedway, LI, NY
    New York National Speedway 1977 
    Eastern Summer Championships 8/28/77 
  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/10/77 
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Photograph ListPage 2 of 9
PhotoFrank Iaconio's Monza P/S 3/4 (Front View) (pits)
PhotoBob Dalton's Vega BB/FC (Body Up) 3/4 (Rear View) (pits)
PhotoRick Rivard Satellite BB/FC B U 3/4 RV-P.
PhotoU S Male Mustang II BB/FC (Body Up) 3/4 (Rear View) (pits)
PhotoShenandoah Duster BB/FC (Body Up) 3/4 (Rear View) (pits)
PhotoButch Kernoodle All American Monza BB/FC (Body Up) 3/4 (Rear View) (pits)
PhotoFireball Monza F/C (Body Up) 3/4 (Rear View) (pits)
PhotoRich Simone's Mustang II P/S 3/4 (Rear View) (pits)
PhotoFree Heat Vega Panel off the line.
PhotoPanama Red Chevy II off the line.
PhotoBill Leavitt's Quickie Too Mustang II vs. Barry Setzer (60' out from starting line) SBS.
PhotoGary Burgin (60' out from starting line).
PhotoPaul Smith's Entertainer Vega F/C mid track.
PhotoBruce Larson's U S A -1 Monza F/C backing after a burn out.
PhotoBruce Larson's USA-1 Monza F/C 60'out
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