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  New York National Speedway, LI, NY
    P R O National Challenge 8/17-18 1974 
    P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74 
  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/74 
  Drag Racing on the Show Circuit, LI, NY
    Drag Racing on the Show Circuit 11/74 
P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74         | Next
Photograph ListPage 1 of 4
PhotoNYNS Tower
PhotoEd Eaton on motorcycle
PhotoJim Walther's Rod Shop AAFD
PhotoJohn Wiebe AAFD enters the traps
PhotoJade Grenade AAFD top end
PhotoMarvin Schwartz AAFD top end
PhotoDon Garlits burnout
PhotoDon Garlits off the line
PhotoBilly Campbell in Jack Hart's Golddigger AAFD
PhotoJohn Wiebe AAFD in the traps
PhotoJeb Allen AAFD in the traps
PhotoGary Beck AAFD in the traps
PhotoCyr & Schofield AAFD top end
PhotoJim & Alison Lee vs Tony Cerolo AAFD
PhotoJim & Alison Lee chutes out
P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74         | Next