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New York National Speedway, LI, NY
     Super Stock Nationals- Photos by Dennis Kubis 8/7/66 
    Super Stock Nationals- photos by Harry Pinkard 8/7/66 
    New York National Speedway- Photos by Dom Naro 1966-1974 
    NY National Speedway 1967 & 1968  
    AHRA Nationals  
    AHRA Spring Nationals 5/68 
    Super Stock Nationals- photos by Jim Caputo 7/21/68 
    Super Stock Nationals 7/68 
    Wheelie Show 4/22/69 
    AHRA Spring Nationals 5/18/69 
    Bakersfield Smokers Meet 6/29/69 
    AHRA Nationals 8/17/69 
    AHRA Nationals- Photos by Jim Caputo 8/17/69 
    AHRA Spring Nationals 5/24/70 
    U S Funny Car Championships 6/21/70 
    U S Funny Car Championships- Photos by Jim Caputo 6/21/70 
    Bakersfield Smokers Meet 7/12/70 
    AHRA Nationals 8/30/70 
    UHRA Spring Nationals 5/23/71 
    U S Funny Car Championship 7/11/71 
    UHRA Nationals 8/15/71 
    New York National Speedway (Paul Drago Photos) 1971-72 
    UHRA Spring Nationals 5/7/72 
    U S Funny Car Championships 7/9/72 
    UHRA Nationals 8/20/72 
    U S Funny Car Championships 8/8/73 
    P R O National Challenge 8/17-18 1974 
    P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74 
    AHRA Summer Nationals 8/76 
    New York National Speedway 1977 
    Eastern Summer Championships 8/28/77 
Super Stock Nationals- photos by Harry Pinkard 8/7/66         | Next
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PhotoDoc Burgess Black Arrow altered wheelbase Plymouth at the line
PhotoDon Gays Infinity GTO at the line
PhotoGolden Commandos altered wheelbase Plymouth at the line
PhotoDick Brannen in the Bob Ford A/FX Mustang
PhotoArnie Beswicks Tameless Tiger Pontiac at the line
PhotoTasca Mystery 8 Mustang A/FX at the line
PhotoMalcolm Durham Strip Blazer Corvair at the line
PhotoDon Gays Infinity 66 GTO in the pits
PhotoGeeTO Tiger Royal Pontiac S/S
PhotoMaxon Pontiac GTO in the pits
PhotoAce Wilson Royal Pontiac C/S
PhotoRoy Gay GTO F/X on the ramp truck
PhotoDick Landy Dodge Dart altered wheelbase at the line
PhotoArnie Beswicks Tameless Tiger on the ramp truck
PhotoBill Jenkins red 66 Chevy II S/S
Super Stock Nationals- photos by Harry Pinkard 8/7/66         | Next