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from "Mousie" Marcellus at York 2005;Man this picture (Winged Express AA/FA at FCR3) is bitchen! I'm gonna frame it and put it on my wall.
from B. Pratt
... Your photographs are amazing. Truly excellent stuff of cars in my absolute favorite drag racing era. I would buy every one if I had the money.
from Dale Pulde- Funny Car driver extrodinaire
... Thanks for all the happy memories
from Dennis
... Ted, ΤΗͺ You have some GREAT stuff here !
from Dwane Ong- driver of the Trader Ray funny car and Pawnbroker dragster.
... Great photos
from E. Morrision
... Ted, that is an awesome website you've got! Some of the cars there are RARE ! ΤΗͺ Thanks for all the trouble you took to post all them.
from Jim Maybeck driver of the Screaming Eagle funny cars.
... Thanks for keeping some of my memories intact
from M. Gibson
... thanks for the memories ΤΗͺ very good stuff of a long lost time.
from M. Neagle
... You have a great site here ΤΗͺ
from R. Cugini
... Ted, I received the pictures ΤΗͺ They are great ! .. Your site is fabulous, absolutely fabulous!
from R. Cugini
... Was delighted to receive your pictures today. Once again they are a joy to me. Thanks again for the GREAT photos.
from T V Tommy Ivo
... Thanks for taking such great photos over the years
from tm
... if you look at Ted's site, there are some good pictures of the Fugitive he took at NY at one of the 72 races. I ran there a lot, but they are the only pictures I've ever seen from there.