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New Photographers

Drag Racing Imagery is happy to announce the addition of two contributing photographers to the site. The first is noted American Le Mans Series photographer Lyndon Fox. Lyndon's contribution to the site are in the Funny Car Reunion section.
His work can be seen at www.MotorImages.com .

Also contributing to the site with his photos from the California Hot Rod Reunions is an avid fan of drag racing, Randy Waugh.

Why I did this site ...

Welcome to my world of drag racing! It all started for me in the early sixties. I was all caught up in hot rods, customs and drag racing. My exposure to drag racing was up until 1966, magazines like Hot Rod, Car Craft, and Rod & Custom. I watched what little there was on ABC’s Wide World of Sports (where are those tapes?).

I attended my first drag race in 1966. It was opening day at New York National Speedway in Center Moriches, Long Island. I remember seeing the Pacer’s “Tasmanian Devil” fuel altered as well as Jack Merkel’s stunning lime green 33 Willys gasser. But alas, no photos as I wasn’t into photography at that time. That came later. To make a long story short, I got my first 35mm SLR camera in 1968. Every race I attended from 1968 to 1989, I photographed. In 1990 I switched to video, but that’s another story.

At each race I attended, I first went into the pits and photographed as many of the “names” as I could, as well as any other car that interested me. Then, when the racing started, I would photograph each round. Sure, I have a lot of doubles but you never knew what was going to happen, especially with those pesky funny cars!

In 1973, I got a motor drive. Three frames per second! Ouch in the pocketbook but film and processing was cheap back then.

So, it brings us up to this web page dedicated to my drag racing photography. It has basically been a private collection. Now it will be available to drag racing enthusiasts everywhere. A few years ago, I began advertising in Geoff Stunkard’s much-missed Quarter Milestones. Recently I’ve been advertising in Scale Auto Enthusiast. Outside of collectors, owners, and crewmen, there are those of you out there who need photos as references for model building. All lists reflect what is currently available. I am working on a plan to make photo CDs of all the photos available as “catalogs”. They will be split up into 3 categories, Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro Stock/Sportsman/Exhibition. In the case of the mid 70s Pro Comp category, double B funny cars racing TADs are on both the Top Fuel and Funny Car cds. More on this as soon as I get it.

You will notice on the lists that there are a lot of “Same as Above” listings. These indicate sequences (motor drive used here). They are the same car but different views, some better than others. They are included because from my experience, there are a lot of completists out there that hafta have everything they can get their hands on.

Any questions, comments or insights, please contact Drag Racing Imagery at info@dragracingimagery.com .