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  Englishtown, NJ
    Shakedown @ E-Town 10/4-5/08 
    FAST-F/S 6/14/08 
    NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals 6/20/08 
    Night of Thrills 6/7/08 
    Funny Car Reunion 8/11/08 
  Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, CA
    March Meet- 2008-photos by Randy Waugh 3/9/08 
  Rhinebeck, NY
    Rhinebeck Good Guys Street Rod Nationals 9/14/08 
  York, PA
    York Reunion & Nostalgia Nationals 7/11&12/08 
  Wantagh, LI, NY
    Long Island Motorsports Reunion 3/29/08 
  Brentwood, LI, NY
    Long Island Street Rod Association 5/18/08 
  Beaver Springs Dragway
    Nostalgia Nationals 7/13/08 
  Bowling Green, Kentucky
    National Hor Rod Reunion- photos by Michael Rabenau 6/13-15/08 
Night of Thrills 6/7/08Previous | Next
Photograph ListPage 3 of 5
PhotoAirborn Express Chevy van at the line
PhotoAirborn Express Chevy van up
PhotoAirborn Express Chevy van backing
PhotoChevy Rebellion VW at the line with flames
PhotoChevy Rebellion vs Airborn Express off the line and up
PhotoRich Hanna First Strike jet F/C
PhotoFirst Strike jet F/C flaming
PhotoTop Secret jet F/C flaming
PhotoTop Secret jet F/C off the line
PhotoTerminator jet dragster
PhotoTerminator jet dragster at mid track
PhotoFirst Strike jet F/C fire
PhotoChevy Rebellion VW burnout at night
PhotoChevy Rebellion VW flaming- 3q rv
PhotoChevy Rebellion VW up off the line
Night of Thrills 6/7/08Previous | Next