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  Englishtown, NJ
    Shakedown @ E-Town 10/4-5/08 
    FAST-F/S 6/14/08 
    NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals 6/20/08 
    Night of Thrills 6/7/08 
    Funny Car Reunion 8/11/08 
  Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, CA
    March Meet- 2008-photos by Randy Waugh 3/9/08 
  Rhinebeck, NY
    Rhinebeck Good Guys Street Rod Nationals 9/14/08 
  York, PA
    York Reunion & Nostalgia Nationals 7/11&12/08 
  Wantagh, LI, NY
    Long Island Motorsports Reunion 3/29/08 
  Brentwood, LI, NY
    Long Island Street Rod Association 5/18/08 
  Beaver Springs Dragway
    Nostalgia Nationals 7/13/08 
  Bowling Green, Kentucky
    National Hor Rod Reunion- photos by Michael Rabenau 6/13-15/08 
Long Island Motorsports Reunion 3/29/08Previous | Next
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PhotoJersey Jimmy in front of the Rock Saloon
PhotoJersey Jimmy dragster engine- 2
PhotoJack Merkels 33 Willys AA/G arrives
PhotoJack Merkels 33 Willys AA/G backs off the trailer
PhotoJack Merkels 33 Willys AA/G off the trailer
PhotoPositioning Jack Merkels 33 Willys AA/G
PhotoStill positioning Jack Merkels 33 Willys AA/G
PhotoJack Merkels 33 Willys AA/G finally in position
PhotoJack Merkels 33 Willys AA/G in position and looking good
PhotoTed Dzus custom 51 Merc arrives
PhotoTed Dzus 51 Merc custom
PhotoTed Dzus and Andy La Corte next to the Merc
PhotoJohn Anzelmo- Billy Lynch-the Ace of Spades
PhotoBilly Lynch and George Snezick (Pacers Tasmanian Devil)
PhotoJohn Anzelmo and Bobby Lynch next to the dragster
Long Island Motorsports Reunion 3/29/08Previous | Next