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  Englishtown, NJ
    Nostalgia Drags 8/3/87 
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Photo32 Ford coupe lavender/flamed 3/4 (Front View).
Photo32 Ford coupe lavender flamed- 3/4 fv
Photo32 Ford coupe lavender/flamed- SV
Photo49 Ford full custom chopped/flamed 3/4 (Front View).
Photo49 Merc full custom chopped maroon/flamed 3/4 (Front View).
Photo49 Merc chopped maroon/flames- fv
PhotoSame as Above (Rear View) w/mural on trunk.
PhotoYellow blown 31 Ford being prepped by the crew.
PhotoRed flamed blown T roadster pick up (Side View).
Photo29 A Ford roadster blue/white track style (Front View).
PhotoRed custom 32 Ford coupe (Side View)..
Photo49 Chevy full custom '49 Ghost' 3/4 (Front View).
PhotoZZ Top clone 3/4 (Rear View).
PhotoZZ Tot 34 Ford clone- 3/4 FV
Photo57 Chevy pick up black- (60' out from starting line).
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