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  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/82 
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PhotoPrudhomme (Burn Out).
PhotoBlue Max (Burn Out).
PhotoPrudhomme backing.
PhotoBlue Max backing.
PhotoBlue Max vs Prudhomme (60' out from starting line) SBS.
PhotoDon Prudhomme ahead of the Blue Max
PhotoCustom Body Omni (Burn Out).
PhotoCustom Body vs Gary Burgin backing SBS.
PhotoBud King (Burn Out) a bit of header flame.
PhotoGene Snow's AA/FD vs the Jolly Rancher AA/FD (60' out from starting line) SBS.
PhotoConnie Kalitta vs Joe Amato at green.
PhotoTR3 Resin Glaze AA/FD (Burn Out).
PhotoDon Campanello (Cisco Kid) vs Warren Johnson at line.
PhotoIaconio vs Shephard SBS (60' out from starting line).
PhotoJenkins vs Glidden SBS (60' out from starting line).
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