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  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/13/80 
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PhotoFrank Iaconio's Camaro vs Johnny Downey P/S at line.
PhotoAce Manzo's red AA/A off the line.
PhotoAce Manzo's AA/A- SV
PhotoKen Veney AA/DA at line.
PhotoBaby Huey AA/A (Burn Out).
PhotoBaby Huey vs an AA/DA off the line.
PhotoBarth and Lerner vs Cross and Corrine E/D at line.
PhotoRed flamed 6 cyl T Roadster comp car.
PhotoSteve Bagwell's SS/BA Plymouth.
PhotoBill Weakley's Dodge Material SS/CA.
PhotoDawley and Sanderson SS/K Nova wheelie.
PhotoFrank Lupo SS/BA 64 Dodge at line
PhotoDiorio and Wusaty SS/PA 56 Chevy (60' out from starting line).
PhotoLarry Kopp S/MP Chevelle at line.
PhotoEngineered Racing bronze B/MP 60 Corvette.
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