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  New York National Speedway, LI, NY
    P R O National Challenge 8/17-18 1974 
    P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74 
  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/74 
  Drag Racing on the Show Circuit, LI, NY
    Drag Racing on the Show Circuit 11/74 
P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74Previous | Next
Photograph ListPage 2 of 4
PhotoShirly Muldowney AAFD in the traps
PhotoHot Tuna AAFD top end
PhotoSouter Bros AAFD
PhotoSouter Bros take out Garlits
PhotoHemi Hunter AAFD in the traps
PhotoWheeler Dealer AAFD being Pushed back
PhotoWheeler Dealer 60'
PhotoBad Habit Pinto vs Nitemayer Duster FC
PhotoCustom Body Duster burnout
PhotoSchumacher takes out Machine Gun Kelly
PhotoMachine Gun Kelly Vega traps
PhotoShirl Greer Mustang FC in the traps
PhotoShirl Greer pulls the chutes
PhotoKIng & Marshall Satellite FC top end
PhotoKing & Marshall Satellite FC chutes out
P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74Previous | Next