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  New York National Speedway, LI, NY
    P R O National Challenge 8/17-18 1974 
    P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74 
  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/74 
  Drag Racing on the Show Circuit, LI, NY
    Drag Racing on the Show Circuit 11/74 
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Photograph ListPage 2 of 10
PhotoTony Cerolo's Traveler AA/FD burnout
PhotoJim Walther's Rod Shop AA/FD (Side View).
PhotoThe Hemi Hunter AA/FD being pushed back to the line.
PhotoChris Karamesine's AA/FD (Burn Out) at line.
PhotoJohn Wiebe AA/FD (Side View).
PhotoJeb Allen AA/FD (Burn Out).
PhotoJade Grenade AA/FD (Side View).
PhotoJade Grenade AA/FD at mid track.
PhotoSoul Shaker AA/FD at mid track.
PhotoMarvin Schwartz AA/FD being pushed back.
PhotoShadow AA/FD (Burn Out) at line.
PhotoCyr and Schofield AA/FD (Side View).
PhotoShadow vs. Cyr and Schofield.
PhotoGary Beck's Export A AA/FD.
PhotoGains Markley AA/FD.
P R O National Challenge 8/17-18 1974Previous | Next