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  New York National Speedway, LI, NY
    U S Funny Car Championships 8/8/73 
  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/15/73 
  Indianapolis, IN
    NHRA U S Nationals 9/3/73 
  Drag Racing on the Show Circuit, LI, NY
    Drag Racing on the Show Circuit 11/73 
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Photograph ListPage 2 of 3
PhotoFireball Vega (Burn Out).
PhotoJim Nicoll's Speed Equipment Vega (Burn Out).
PhotoTom and Jerry Mustang on fire.
PhotoMotown Shaker Vega (Burn Out).
PhotoEd Mc Cullogh's Rrevellution Duster (Burn Out).
PhotoEd Mc Colluch's RRRevellution Duster at mid track
PhotoEd Mc Colluch's RRRevellution Duster F/C mid track
PhotoBarry Setzer's Vega (Pat Foster) (Burn Out).
PhotoGene Snow Charger (Burn Out) - (Side View).
PhotoCandies and Hughs Cuda (Burn Out).
PhotoDon Prudhomme's Hot Wheels Cuda launching.
PhotoKuhl and Olsen AA/FD mid track.
PhotoJeb Allen's AA/FD vs Grant Stom's AA/FD.
PhotoAuto Buying Service E/SA 442 (60' out from starting line) out- (Side View).
PhotoDave Boertman's Rod Shop SS/JA Dodge Challenger- (60' out from starting line) out- (Side View).
NHRA Summer Nationals 7/15/73Previous | Next