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  New York National Speedway, LI, NY
    U S Funny Car Championships 8/8/73 
  Englishtown, NJ
    NHRA Summer Nationals 7/15/73 
  Indianapolis, IN
    NHRA U S Nationals 9/3/73 
  Drag Racing on the Show Circuit, LI, NY
    Drag Racing on the Show Circuit 11/73 
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PhotoDon Scott's Fiat altered- (Side View)- mid track.
PhotoAltered Ego- AA/FA- mid track- (Side View).
PhotoGeorge Montgomery's Mr. Gasket Mustang AA/GS- mid track.
PhotoSox and Martin's Plymouth P/S.
PhotoBill Jenkins' P/(Side View)ega.
PhotoGlidden and Allen's P/S Pinto.
PhotoJoe Satmary vs Larry Huff P/S.
PhotoMasken and Kanners Hornet X vs Don Grotheer's Pinto P/S.
PhotoLou Oleynik's Hauler Camaro P/S.
PhotoDick La Haie vs Jerry Ruth- off the line.
PhotoJerry Ruth vs Dick La Haie AA/FD.
PhotoJerry Ruth vs Dick La Haie AA/FD
PhotoJerry Ruth vs Dick La Haie AA/FD
PhotoKeeling and Clayton vs Walt Rhodes AA/FD.
PhotoKeeling & Clayton vs Walt Rhodes AA/FD- off the line
NHRA U S Nationals 9/3/73Previous | Next