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  New York National Speedway, LI, NY
    UHRA Spring Nationals 5/7/72 
    U S Funny Car Championships 7/9/72 
    UHRA Nationals 8/20/72 
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PhotoMotown Shaker (Burn Out).
PhotoMotown Shaker Vega F/C backing up.
PhotoMotown Shaker Vega F/C off the line
PhotoDoug's Headers Vega (Burn Out).
PhotoDoug's Headers Vega F/C- full side view.
PhotoSuper Vega (Burn Out) boiling the hides.
PhotoWarlord Camaro (Burn Out) boiling the hides.
PhotoSame as Above backing up through smoke.
PhotoQu Voe Charger F/C backing up through smoke.
PhotoWarlord Camaro off the line.
PhotoWarlord Camaro launching.
PhotoJerry Caminito's Holeshot Mustang (Burn Out) boiling the hides.
PhotoJerry Caminito's Holeshot Mustang F/C off the line
PhotoConnie Kalitta's Bounty Hunter on the trailer fish eye view.
PhotoSuper Vega- (Rear View)- fisheye.
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