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New York National Speedway, LI, NY
     Super Stock Nationals- Photos by Dennis Kubis 8/7/66 
    Super Stock Nationals- photos by Harry Pinkard 8/7/66 
    New York National Speedway- Photos by Dom Naro 1966-1974 
    NY National Speedway 1967 & 1968  
    AHRA Nationals  
    AHRA Spring Nationals 5/68 
    Super Stock Nationals- photos by Jim Caputo 7/21/68 
    Super Stock Nationals 7/68 
    Wheelie Show 4/22/69 
    AHRA Spring Nationals 5/18/69 
    Bakersfield Smokers Meet 6/29/69 
    AHRA Nationals 8/17/69 
    AHRA Nationals- Photos by Jim Caputo 8/17/69 
    AHRA Spring Nationals 5/24/70 
    U S Funny Car Championships 6/21/70 
    U S Funny Car Championships- Photos by Jim Caputo 6/21/70 
    Bakersfield Smokers Meet 7/12/70 
    AHRA Nationals 8/30/70 
    UHRA Spring Nationals 5/23/71 
    U S Funny Car Championship 7/11/71 
    UHRA Nationals 8/15/71 
    New York National Speedway (Paul Drago Photos) 1971-72 
    UHRA Spring Nationals 5/7/72 
    U S Funny Car Championships 7/9/72 
    UHRA Nationals 8/20/72 
    U S Funny Car Championships 8/8/73 
    P R O National Challenge 8/17-18 1974 
    P R O National Challenge (Second Set) 8/18/74 
    AHRA Summer Nationals 8/76 
    New York National Speedway 1977 
    Eastern Summer Championships 8/28/77 
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Photograph ListPage 2 of 4
PhotoSeaton's Shaker vs Vicious Too off the line.
PhotoGrant Rebel SST F/C- (Burn Out).
PhotoLarry Reyes Super Cuda AA/FC on line.
PhotoWarlord Cuda F/C off the line.
PhotoDick Landy's Dodge R/T SS/H - at the line.
PhotoDickie Harrell's Camaro F/C -(Top End).
PhotoKelly Chadwick's Camaro F/C -(Top End).
PhotoAn AA/FD in the traps w/ chute out- I D pending.
PhotoS/K Speed Shop injected C/G Willys (no front-end clip) off the line.
PhotoPacers H/S Chevelle (60' out from starting line) out -(Side View).
PhotoDon Garlits' AA/FD (60' out from starting line) out- (Side View).
PhotoDick Landy's Coronet R/T vs Sox and Martin's GTX, SBS about mid track.
PhotoJimmy King's AA/FD El Diablo- (60' out from starting line) out- (Side View).
PhotoLittle Jim A/SR vs the Hugger SS/C Camaro (60' out from starting line) out- SBS.
PhotoWild Thing VW wheel stander (60' out from starting line) out and up- (Side View).
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